General Maintenance Plumbing Solutions

* Leaking Taps / Mixers
* Leaking Toilets
* Leaking / Burst Pipes
* Leaking Valves
* Burst Geysers / New Geyser   Installations

Blocked Drain Cleaning – Rooting Machine

* Blocked Drains
* Blocked Gulley Cleaning
* Root Cutting in Drain Lines
* Drain Line Repairs and Upgrades

Blocked Drain Cleaning – High Pressure Jetting

* Penetrating and Emulsifying Grease
* Breaking Up Sludge and Debris
* Pulverizing Smaller Roots
* Cutting Out Hardened Scale
* Flushing Out Of Drain Lines

CCTV Drain Line Inspection

* Inspection Of Possible Damaged Drain   Lines
* Inspect Cause Of Continuous Drain   Blockages
* Inspection Of Collapsed Drain Lines
* Isolate The Problem Area

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

* Detect Underground Water Leaks
* Detect In-Wall Water Leaks
* General Water Leak Detection

Geyser Repairs and Replacements

* Replace Burst Geysers
* Repair Leaking Geyser Valves
* Replace Thermostats and Elements
* New Geyser Installations

Bathroom Renovations

* Turnkey Bathroom Renovations
* Sanitary ware Installations
* Shower Unit Installations
* Tiling
* Geberit Sanitary ware Installations